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Quality Enhancement Plan

FINALIZED Submitted Proposals have been posted on the "Process and Proposals" page. 

Welcome to The W's Quality Enhancement Plan administrative website. This website provides basic information about QEP Team actions, assessments, and other housekeeping items related to implementation and review of the MUW QEP. This site is specifically designed to help the University implement and assess the QEP.

For more detailed information on the proposal and selection process, please go to "Process & Proposals" located on the sidebar to the right.


Can students/staff submit?

Yes, QEP submissions are not limited to faculty and administration.

Can it be submitted by a group?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of authors on a QEP proposal.

What's the due date?

The due date for the first draft is January 31st. The full QEP timeline can also be found on this page below the FAQ.

Where do I submit my proposal?

Please email your proposal to our CIO Carla Lowery at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why should I submit a proposal?

The QEP process is not only required as part of our accreditation process, but it is also a great way to turn focus towards student outcomes that benefit the entire university. Also the top 3 proposals will receive compensation for their submissions!

Where can I see samples of past proposals? 

Proposals submitted to the last QEP can be found at https://www.muw.edu/qep2012/topic/topicproposals

How long does my QEP Proposal need to be?

Initial proposals are expected to be drafts - so minimum page requirements are not set for submissions. For more detailed information go to https://www.muw.edu/qep/topic


Are the proposals supposed to be complete?

More detailed proposals may require less adjustment after community and committee feedback, but many parts of the QEP will require adjustment as we move into 2022-2023 and adopt a proposal.


Important Dates

November 4: Criteria and process information distributed to campus.

November 10 & 12: Informational sessions/webinars/listening sessions

February 7: All Proposals Due to QEP Team (Date Revised from 1/31)

February 8: Proposals published on QEP website for campus review and comments

February 21: Campus Review period closes

February 26: All proposal creators are notified of any recommended changes to be considered to move forward in the process

Timeline adjusted - 3/24/2022

March 28 (Date Revised from March 24): Resubmissions with any changes due, Top 3 Proposals Selected

April 1 to April 15 (Date Revised from March 30 to April 13): Proposals reviewed by QEP Team, PIE Council, Administrative Council, and President’s Cabinet and campus community

April 20 (Date Revised from April 15): QEP proposal announced




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