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Online Media

Web Page Example

The W uses a content management system (CMS) on its website. As such, most of the design elements are part of the master templates. These templates may not be altered without the permission of the University Webmaster, Executive Director of University Relations, or the President of the University.


Every page should have the university’s official “The W” logo on the top, left portion of the page to identify the page as part of the university web presence. This is the default font setting for all pages using The W’s Joomla templates.

Every page should include the main navigation, a Google search box, and the division or college name above the fold.

Whenever possible, responsive web design should be employed to insure pages display properly on all devices.


All university websites should conform to The W’s colors, with W Blue (#174074) as the dominant color in the “above the fold” design. 

Gray-White (#F3F3F1) or White (#FFFFFF) are the standard background color for all university pages.

MUW.edu uses the same color palette as print media. Refer to the hex number for web colors.


The standard typeface used on MUW.edu is from the Google typeset. There is a serif font style, similar to Times New Roman, and a sans-serif font style, similar to Arial. This is the default font setting for all pages using The W’s Joomla templates.

Fonts should be in contrast to the background color, in most cases the font is either Black (#000000) or MUW Blue (#174074).

UR logo white

University Relations

1100 College Street
Columbus, MS 39701

Stovall House
Phone: (662) 329-7119
Fax: (662) 329-7123