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From brochures to billboards, print media is seen by thousands of people everyday.


University stationery sends a powerful visual message about the writer and the University. The logo and wordmark must be the main identifying element on University letterhead. The wordmark and seal must be printed in Pantone PMS 294 (W Blue) ink.

Special event logos, individual department logos, may not be used. The university does not permit secondary logos.

Business Cards

Business cards often introduce the University to people who are not familiar with our institution. It is important that this visual contact convey an identity that can be reinforced in subsequent contacts through consistent use.
Our University business cards include the logo and wordmark, which must appear in PMS 294 (W Blue) ink.

Because of the small size of a business card, other department logos and slogans should not be used on the primary side of the card so as to compete with the university symbol. This additional information may be added to the secondary side of the card.

W Stationery


Name Tag Templates

Divisions may choose one of two standard styles for name tags that represent official university offices. The design selected should be standard across the division.

To ensure readability and consistency, the name tags are a standard 1 inch by 3.5 inches in silver, with Pantone 294 blue lettering. The division may choose:

Style 1

Name (20 point type)
Office (14 point type)

W Name Tag Style 1






Style 2

Name (20 point type)
Title (14 point type)

W Name Tag Style 2









Brochures & Postcards

W Brochure Theatre


















W Visions
W viewbook v2


W blue for you 14 0x48 0


nursebillboard 10 6x36 0 edit logo 2




UR logo white

University Relations

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