The Corettas

Excluded from the already established social clubs, black students formed their own clubs.

The Corettas, named after Coretta Scott King, appeared in the Meh Lady in 1971. It was initially listed as an organization rather than a social club. Since 1992, it has functioned as a social club.

The group is significant in that it was formed to be open to all races. White and Hispanic membership, however, was limited and sporadic with white membership disappearing after 1984.

Arelya Mitchell served as the first president with Toni Harrison as the vice-president.


Corettas, 1971.
Mississippi University for Women Archives. Meh Lady Collection.

Caption: [front row]: Susie Fort; Gwendolyn Washington; Annie Otis, Shirley Bishop, Gloria Wilkerson, Dr. Campbell (faculty sponsor), Antoinette “Toni” Harrison; [second row]: Carolyn Ruiz, Arelya Mitchell, Jacquelynn Royston, Charles Wilkerson, Dora Odom, Susan Spangler, Eunice Crowell.