In Their Footsteps was produced under the guidance of Dr. Beverly Joyce with critical help from Mr. Andy Snyder, Dr. Erin Kempker, Mr. Derek Webb, Mr. Alex Stelioes-Wills, Mr. Jonathan Cumberland, Ms. Lyndsay Cumberland, and Ms. Lynn Dobbs. The In Their Footsteps digital exhibition was produced by Mr. Rich Sobolewski and Mr. Jonathan Cumberland.

Dr. Joyce’s Museum Studies class researched and selected the themes and photographs of the exhibition. These student co-curators were Kendra DeForrest, Diana Diaz, Brooke Farley, Maggie Morgan, Rachael Ward, and Veronica Wilson.

Research for the exhibition came from students of Dr. Kempker and Mr. Webb and include Tevin Arrington, Brandie Ashe, Kimberly Baucom, Erica Buckhalter, Holly Cochran, Chelsey Collins, Quishanta Cummings, Anna Curtis, Rachel Damms, Diana Diaz, Katrina Dupont, Brooke Farley, Emily Ferguson, Jaleesa Fields, Rain Gerteis, Hannah McCulloch, Timothy Oglesby, Susan Puckett, Leigh Rice, Ashley Smith, Ben Stephens, Jessica Thornhill, Candice Walls, Barbara White, and Sarah Whitt.

Most importantly, we thank the initial six students, Diane Hardy Thompson, Laverne Greene Leech, Barbara Turner, Jaqueline E. Edwards, Mary L. Flowers, and Eula M. Houser, who broke through the racial barrier.

The oral histories of Ms. Diane Hardy Thompson, Ms. Laverne Greene Leech, Ms. Susie Shelton, and Dr. Robert Gilbert were provided with the permission of the Billups-Garth Archives, Columbus-Lowndes Public Library.

The photograph of the Battle of Oxford was provided via public domain from the Library of Congress.

The photograph of President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was provided via public domain from the LBJ Presidential Library.

The photograph of George Grider was provided, with permission, from the Preservation and Special Collections Department of the University of Memphis Libraries.

Photographs of Jacqueline Edwards and Mary Flowers were provided, with permission, by the R. E. Hunt Museum and Cultural Center.

The front page of the Commercial Dispatch from April 5, 1968, was provided by the John Clayton Fant Memorial Library Special Collections, and used with permission of the Commercial Dispatch.